We’re a coalition of crime victims, law enforcement, business owners and public safety leaders working to pass the “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2020.”

With your help, our initiative will:

  • Reclassify currently “non-violent” crimes like rape of an unconscious person, sex trafficking of a child and 14 other serious crimes as “violent” — to prevent the early release of inmates convicted of these crimes
  • Reform the parole system to stop the early release of violent felons, expand parolee oversight, and strengthen penalties for parole violations
  • Reform theft laws to restore accountability for serial thieves and organized theft gangs
  • Expand DNA collection to include those convicted of drug, theft, domestic violence and other serious crimes to help solve rape, murder and other violent crimes — and to exonerate those wrongly accused

Thank you to all who signed our petitions! Donate today!

Paid for by Keep California Safe, a Project of the California Public Safety Partnership Issues Committee

Committee major funding from

California Correctional Peace Officers Association

FSB Core Strategies

McNally Temple Associates, Inc.

Funding details at www.fppc.ca.gov