Full Disclosure on How to Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Getting Caught

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An unfaithful spouse is one of the horrors of marriage. If you have suspicions about your wife’s loyalty due to recent strange behavior, it’s not unusual for you to want to monitor her activities to find out what she’s doing. While the general rule is for partners to trust each other, specific scenarios make it extremely hard to do so, mostly when one spouse constantly acts in ways that suggest they’re having an affair. 

One way to monitor your spouse to see if they’re cheating is to track their mobile phone. Today, smartphones aren’t luxuries; they’re an integral part of our lives. We take them with us everywhere we go and make use of them more than we do anything else. As such, you can find out a lot about a person by monitoring what they do with their mobile devices. And, thanks to GPS technology, you can also keep track of where people have been using their phones. 

However, to do this, you would need to have direct access to the person’s phone. Most people would not allow anyone, including their spouse, to go through their phone to monitor their whereabouts in this manner. Therefore, if you’re looking to track your wife using her mobile phone, the best bet would be to do so without her knowing. 

How to Track My Wife’s Phone by Number? 

Typically, there are several methods to track a person’s smartphone on the Internet. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are a hoax. For example, one of the most popular mobile phone surveillance tips on the Internet involves tracking a cell phone using only the phone number. 

However, that kind of technology is usually with network operators, the police, and the government. They’re not available for civilian use. So, you cannot track your wife’s phone with her phone number. The best option in monitoring any mobile device is through mobile phone spy apps. 

How to Track My Wife’s Phone Using Spy Apps? 

Like we’ve earlier established, the only way you can track your wife’s cell phone without her knowing is through spy apps. Spy apps are software designed with functionalities that enable them to monitor mobile devices. These mobile applications can track a wide range of cell phone activities, including text and multimedia messages, phone calls, social media accounts, web browser history, and location. 

If you wonder, ‘How can I track my wife’s iPhone?’ with these apps, you can remotely keep an eye on all your wife’s activities, including her whereabouts. What’s more? These apps come with capabilities that allow them to carry out their functions in stealth mode. In essence, your wife won’t even know you’re tracking her. 

Several mobile phone spy apps are out there, and picking out the one to use can be confusing. To ease the process of choice-making, we’ve recommended seven spy apps we believe are the perfect fit for your surveillance needs. Let’s take a look. 

Most cell phone spyware apps come with subscription plans. As such, you want to stay away from the wrong technology to avoid wasting money. The very best spyware comes with full mobile surveillance functionalities, is undetectable, and easy to use. Here are the top applications we can guarantee offer all these features:

  • mSpy 
  • Cocospy 
  • North App
  • Minspy
  • Spyier
  • Spyic
  • Glympse

Each of these apps is available for both Android and iOS devices. So, you can use them to locate your wife’s iPhone or Android smartphone. Also, these applications aren’t difficult to set up. The necessary steps involve completing payment for your preferred choice, installing it in the target mobile device, logging into a Control Panel, then adjusting the settings to your preference. Once that’s done, you can begin to track your wife’s phone GPS location using the app’s functionalities. 


Can I Monitor Two or More Phones Simultaneously?

Yes, most spy apps can monitor two or more phones at the same time. However, this capability depends on the subscription plans you’re on. Companies that design mobile phone surveillance applications separate the functionalities of these apps into different subscription packages. Some features, like multiple phone monitoring, might not be available on some plans. 

Can I Install Spy Apps Remotely? 

No, installing mobile phone spyware requires you to have physical access to the target device. Any mobile phone surveillance technology that claims you can install it remotely is fake. The only possible case is if your wife’s cell phone runs on iOS, you can use her iCloud credentials to reach some basic information.

Do I Need to Root or Jailbreak Target Android or iOS Device Before Using Spy Apps?

The option to root or jailbreak the target device before installing the app depends on the specific spyware. Some spy apps require you to perform root or jailbreak before installation. Others do not. As such, you must find out the root or jailbreak requirements of the spyware you’re purchasing. 


Now that you know how to track your wife’s cell phone GPS without her knowing, you no longer have to deal with the unsettling anxiety and insecurities that come with worrying whether your wife is cheating. Simply get the spy apps we recommend and keep a close eye on her whereabouts and any other activities she might carry out with her mobile device.

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