Chief Ron Lawrence Briefing “How Voters Can Keep California Safe”

June 24 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

The Sacramento County Republican Party is pleased to host this virtual briefing on an important ballot measure voters will consider in November.

  • Suggested donation to support the SacCountyGOP
    $20 per person
  • $100 – $500 Sponsorships welcome!

Citrus Heights Police Chief Ron Lawrence serves as the President of the California Police Chiefs Association. They are supporting the Keep California Safe ballot measure sponsored by Crime Victims United. The initiative has a growing list of supporters from throughout the State, including public officials, community leaders, and public safety organizations.

Chief Lawrence will discuss the need for these reforms and the opportunity California voters have to make our neighborhoods and places of business safer.

The Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe initiative was developed in response to the Legislature’s failure to fix significant public safety problems created by AB 109 and Propositions 47 and 57. AB 109 shifted tens of thousands of criminals from state custody to overcrowded local jails and under-resourced post-release community supervision. Prop. 57 allowed many inmates to apply for parole earlier and Prop. 47 changed some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, allowing early parole for violent criminals, and a surge in retail theft, car break-ins, burglaries, illegal drug use and other property crimes throughout the state.

Tune in to learn why this measure is needed, who will oppose it, and what voters can do to make sure crime victims prevail in November.

Note: The timing of this event is in no way associated with the recent protests due to the death of George Floyd. In fact, we meant to start publicizing it June 1 and delayed out of respect for those who were expressing their grief and awaiting the filing of charges against the officers in Minneapolis. Our prayers go to the Floyd family, and to the families of the police officers and business owners killed or injured in the riots that followed.
SacCountyGOP has always stood behind our public safety officials, and we are confident they want their officers to enforce laws based on their training and compassion toward the communities they serve. They do have a responsibility to set the example that no one is above the law, and our elected leaders have a responsibility to provide protocols that make the safest possible environment for our police to protect the community.
As people go on with their lives, it is important that a dialogue continues to build trust within our communities, and that residents hold their city elected officials accountable for the oversight of their police departments. Public safety for all communities must be the goal – not political expediency.

One week prior to the Zoom meeting, access information will be provided to those who have signed up on the registration form.

Introductory remarks will be made by State Senator Jim Nielsen who represents the 4th Senate District. He is the co-author of California’s landmark Victims Bill of Rights and Marsy’s Law, and previously served as Chairman of the California Board of Prison Terms. 

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