Increasingly, Californians are suffering the unintended public safety consequences of “California’s dangerous trifecta” — AB 109 and Propositions 47 and 57.

No matter how well-intended, their combined impact has been catastrophic.

AB 109 shifted tens of thousands of criminals from state prisons to overcrowded local jails and under-resourced community supervision. Prop. 57 qualified thousands more inmates for early release, while Prop. 47 changed some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, allowing early parole for violent criminals, and a surge in retail theft, car break-ins, burglaries, illegal drug use and other property crimes

The Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe initiative will fix the public safety threats created by this “dangerous trifecta” by taking action on four fronts — violent crime, serial theft, parole violations, and DNA collection.

Ends Early Release for Violent Offenders

Currently, crimes like date rape, child trafficking, elder abuse, domestic violence, assault on a police officer and other similar crimes are not classified as “violent felonies” in California — making inmates convicted of these clearly serious and violent crimes eligible for early release, including child predators and violent sexual offenders.

The Keep California Safe initiative re-classifies these and other equally violent crimes as “violent” — so early release is not an option.

To view the complete list of violent crimes not considered “violent” in California, click here. You’ll be shocked.

Stops Serial Theft

Under Prop 47, criminals are free to steal up to $950 worth of property without facing felony charges — no matter how many times they steal. They can break into a dozen cars every night, or steal repeatedly from several stores in one day, and face only a misdemeanor charge for each individual theft, the equivalent of a parking ticket — provided each individual theft is $950 or less.

The result has been increased losses of billions of dollars from car break-ins, neighborhood property crimes and retail theft since passage of Prop 47.
The Keep California Safe initiative fixes the problem by making serial theft a felony for anyone caught stealing for the third time.

Prevents Early Parole for Violent Offenders

Under AB 109, parole is based solely on an inmate’s most recent offense, resulting in the early release of inmates with long histories of serious and violent crimes. Moreover, parolees who repeatedly violate the terms of their parole currently face few if any consequences, keeping them on the streets.

Under the Keep California Safe initiative, the Board of Parole Hearings will be required to consider an inmate’s entire criminal history when deciding parole, and not just the most recent offense. In addition, the initiative would require mandatory hearings to determine whether parole should be revoked for any parolee who violates the terms of his or her parole for the third time.

Expands DNA Collection to Solve Serious and Violent Crimes

DNA collected from offenders convicted of theft and drug crimes has helped solve other more serious crimes, including robbery, rape and murder.

Since passage of Prop. 47, cold case hits have dropped over 2,000, with more than 450 of those hits connected to violent crimes — meaning many crimes remain unsolved because not enough evidence is being collected and processed.

The Keep California Safe initiative reinstates DNA collection for certain crimes that Prop 47 reduced to misdemeanors.

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