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Everything you need to know in a nutshell — learn about the four main components of Proposition 20

Our Initiaitve

Want to learn what Prop. 20 is all about?

Proposition 20
Find the full text of Proposition 20, the Keep California Safe Initiative on the Secretary of State’s website.

Sample Resolution
Is your city council interested in supporting Proposition 20, the Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2020? Use the Sample Resolution here.

Supporter Form
Have your local public official (council member, police chief or sheriff, mayor, etc.) complete this form to endorse our initiative.

Fact Sheets

Looking for more information or need printouts for a meeting?

An Initiative for Public Safety
A brief overview of the four main components of Proposition 20.

Non-violent Crimes in California
Detailed list of the appalling crimes currently not considered violent in California. Proposition 20 would re-classify as “violent” for purposes of early release.

Timeline of Failed Legislation
Timeline showing the multiple failed attempts to use the legislative process to fix the public safety addressed in our initiative. A voter initiative became the only way.

Advocacy Support / Samples

Writing a letter or email in support of the initiative, but not sure what to say? We can help!

Sample Letter to Elected Official
Don’t see your elected leaders on our coalition list?

Use this sample letter to write your representative(s) — Mayor, City Council Members, County Supervisors, Assembly Member or Senator — urging them to support the initiative!

Sample Letter to Newspaper
(Letter to the Editor)

Tired of anti-public safety articles, or no crime coverage at all?

Use this sample “letter to the editor” to write your local paper, educating them and other readers about this important public safety initiative.

Key Talking Points
Don’t need a whole letter? Just need a factoid or two for a post or tweet?

These informational “bullets” may be more your style.


Prefer your information in dramatic, visual form?

Rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking, and theft up to $950 (as often as you want) are not a violent crimes in California. Proposition 20 will change this. Join the fight.

“Pimp a Child” Video (:15)
Human trafficking is not a violent crime in California.

“Beat Your Spouse” Video (:15)
Domestic violence is not a violent crime in California.

“Attack With a Knife” Video (:15)
Assault with a deadly weapon is not a violent crime in California.

Hate” Video (:15)
Hate crimes are not considered violent in California.

Strike a Child” Video (:15)
Striking a child is not considered violent in California.

Punch a Cop” Video (:15)
Assaulting an officer is not considered violent in California.

Date Rape” Video (:15)
Rape of an unconscious person is not a violent crime in California.

Take What You Want” Video (:15)
Serial theft has increased 30% since passage of Prop 47.

Power Point

Need to present to a group, or just prefer your information in bite-size pieces? Try a slide show.
  • “The Safety Challenge” Power Point Presentation
    An informative yet succinct professionally prepared power point presentation providing an overview of the initiative, as well as some recent polling.

Additional Initiative-Related Resources

Looking for more additional resources? Check out our other informative materials.

Fact Check
Learn the truth about the opponents’ false claims about the initiative.

Reducing Retail Theft
Since passage of Prop. 47, petty theft has risen 30%. Prop. 20 will help fix this.

The High Cost of Theft
The rise in theft since Prop. 47 passed is costing California billions. Prop. 20 will help fix this.

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